Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal – Q&A with Guy Wilson

What was the project brief?

The brief on this highly complex project was to provide a total solution for the full bathroom and sanitary ware requirements for the entire airport development. This requirement included very specialized “Drug Loo’s” for detention areas all the way through to design led luxurious solutions in the lounge areas and resulted in the development of several unique and new products. The overall requirement included a number of different brassware finishes and customized flush plates. To add to this demanding brief, all products had to adhere to very stringent environmental requirements with regard to water usage and flow rates.  

What timescales were you working to (when is completion due?)

The project is due for completion in Q4 2017, however to put this into perspective, we initially began working on this opportunity early in 2012, eventually being awarded the supply contract only at the beginning of 2015.   

How does SANIPEX GROUP meet the brief?

Our success in this project is testament to the skill and determination of all involved, from the sales team involved through to our technical and supply chain team. Not to mention the numerous loyal suppliers involved, many of whom having gone the extra mile to support what has been a massive undertaking. The breadth of the requirement and our ability to fulfill every aspect demonstrates the depth of our product range and the flexibility of our manufacturers and supply partners.

Have you worked with this contractor on previous projects?

To add to an already complex challenge, we are working with both the main contractor and the MEP contractor on this project both of whom are joint ventures consisting of three and four companies respectively. Fortunately we have had past experience with several of the involved parties.

How did SANIPEX GROUP come to be specified?

We were not originally specified. This in itself highlights the scale of our success on this project, every product supplied had to go through a stringent approval process involving up to six separate approving parties and mountains of paperwork!

What products were chosen and why?

Whilst the full list of products is way too vast to enter into detail, we are supplying in excess of 1300 WC’s and 340 urinals with customized infrared flush solutions as well as over 1500 washbasins with associated electronic taps and soap dispensers. It is true to say that this project entails virtually every product category within the SANIPEX product portfolio and then some.

Where will SANIPEX products feature? (public washrooms, restaurants areas etc)

SANIPEX bathroom products will feature in every washroom in the entire project, additionally, non-washroom products will  feature in meeting and hospitality areas.

Were there any complications that SANIPEX helped overcome (installation, timescales etc?)

The complications and challenges have been immense for all involved. To date we have been able to overcome all product and delivery challenges, fulfilling our commitment to the contractors in ensuring that the strict construction milestones on this project are consistently achieved.

What after-sales / customer support could SANIPEX offer?

We currently provide full technical support during the ongoing supply and installation phase of this project. This will continue through testing and commissioning and onto the operational and maintenance phase of the project.

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