Meet Kristin Gopinath – Academy Manager at BAGNODESIGN/SANIPEX GROUP

Name: Kristin Gopinath, Job Title: Academy Manager, Home Country: United States of America, How long have you worked with the company?: 9 ½ years.

What’s your favorite aspects of your job?

SANIPEX GROUP is a fast paced dynamic company which allows for creative input from the employees. Training programs are constantly being designed, updated and rolled out to various staff within the organization. In addition, we welcome our dealers to send their staff which helps to broaden the knowledge base even further. Another favourite aspect is a new course that we are offering, Conversational English, for our warehouse, technical, inventory, and quality control staff.

What does a regular work week involve?

A regular work week involves visiting our various divisions within the organization to ensure that their staff training needs are met. In addition, regular feedback with the various worldwide offices, offering group training via Skype or 1 on 1 coaching as required. Of course, the day to day operations of scheduling induction training for new starters, BAGNODESIGN/ AQUAZONE product training, and IT system training is ongoing as well.

What are your hobbies, what do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I am a big fan of yoga and start most days with stretching and strength training. Also, I love to travel and explore new places, learn about different cultures and try new cuisines.


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