Bathroom Trends & Unique Designs for a Harmonious Bathroom

harmonousConsidering the amount of time we spend in the bathroom on a daily basis we believe it should be a place of peace and harmony, a place to unwind with simplicity design and accessories. We believe we are moving towards a simple, contemporary and minimalistic modern vibe and design which can be achieved by keeping colors natural and designs simple with the emphasis on the subtle details. It’s the small details that elevate a space from ordinary to elegant, from commonplace to unforgettable where the accessories give a definite feeling of accomplishment and a distinct feeling of prestige and glamour.

Tiles add that luxurious feel to a bathroom with the latest trends being stone mosaics, textured tiles, décors, and border tiles. Experiment with these feature tiles to deliver a style that is unique to the space making each and every bathroom one of a kind. New ranges of Memory Mood & Basalike from Panaria are favourites of mine and are ideal for adding splashes of colour to turn ordinary areas of the bathroom into focal points.

Wooden look flooring has become one of the hottest trends this season as it is nearly impossible to identify that they are not real. So why are they so trendy? Cost effective, practical and unlike real wood can be used in wet areas.

They are also easy to clean and are ideal throughout the home, not just in the bathrooms. Our five furniture ranges Corsair, Smooth, Metreaux, Bloomsbury and Urban are very much in demand among retail clients and designers. These vanities are made to suit the aesthetics of the sleek, contemporary design, provide plenty of storage and enhance the illusion of spaciousness. The Bloomsbury basins with chrome legs give that classic but modern look that is very sought after right now. To get that vintage feel add some metal accents and combine with Subway style black and white tiles, stunning! Bathroom accessories and lighting are very significant while adding the last touch ups to the bathroom. Selecting the right matching accessories to the design concept of the bathroom is essential to ensure the finished result is perfect. Bathroom lights should be placed in a way that they illuminate each area clearly and make the bathroom more attractive. The latest additions to our Wellness range of Rattan baskets and candles also help to create a unique space and add harmony in the bathroom. img1img2June-220615

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