Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement

Sanipex Group regards safety and health of its employees as critically important and central to the sustainability of its business. Sanipex Group is committed to and strives to ensure that it undertakes all its business activities in full compliance with applicable legal and other requirements to which Sanipex Group subscribes.

Sanipex Group makes endeavours to:

1. Undertake operations and provide services in a manner which ensure “as far as practicable”, the Health, Safety and Welfare of its Employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations including the general public where appropriate.

2. Communicate to employees their commitment to safety and to ensure that employees are familiar with the contents of the company Health, Safety and Welfare Policy.

Sanipex Group nominates a representative from time to time to ensure continuous implementation and enhancement of the policy. Details of such representative are communicated to the employees. The nominated representative shall conduct regular reviews of this policy and ensure that Sanipex Group’s objective towards protecting the welfare of its employees is achieved.

Sanipex Group shall review this policy, at least annually, to ensure that it continues to reflect and fulfil our commitment to the prevention and reduction of accidents and incidents, continual improvement to legal compliance and other legal requirements.

Daryl Barker
Group Managing Director